About The Conference

India Space Congress 2022 (ISC-2022) ‘Leveraging Space to Power Next-Gen Communication & Businesses is a strategic assemblage of national and international space industry leaders offering primary access to opportunities in the rapidly growing sector in India for worldwide space ecosystem.

The foundation of the India Space Congress [ISC] is the multi-stream program highlighting the evolution of the Indian space economy and opportunities for its development and growth.

Hosted for the first time by the SatCom Industry Association, [SIA-India], ISC is a global congregation of industry experts, government, policymakers, thought leaders, legal professionals and academia in the space sector to discuss strategic measures to efficiently manage space exploration, new disruptive space-based services and applications, viable business models, space situational awareness and cyber security.

The Visison

is to bring all the high-level stakeholders together from space agencies, industry and institutions around the world under one roof to swap insights, strategies and rising trends for collaborative development of space ecosystem in India and bringing global and regional economic benefits.

Latest Trends in India

India has earned worldwide recognition as one of the few nations to have developed the capability to carry out end-to-end space missions and stand out as having one of the most cost-effective space programs in the world.

The Indian space sector is witnessing encouraging space entrepreneurship, investments, and rise in the number of foreign collaborations and improved capacity-building measures along with government’s renewed strategy and bold commitments. Space diplomacy is an integral part of the government’s plans for collaboration & partnerships.

The rise in the demand for satellite applications and the onset of LEO/MEO technologies will enhance the market opportunities for small satellites where Startups will be the key drivers.

Various smart solutions, IoT connectivity and new-gen applications will see a tremendous rise in their demand in various segments such as agriculture, defence, O&G, air-terrestrial traffic management, railways, fintech and healthcare etc. Modern terrestrial network solutions will be powered by future space technologies to enhance productivity and yield with a wider reach to meet the demand.

Huge market opportunity for space debris removal opens up avenues for Space Situational awareness sector. 

SatCom is set to be a very significant part of end-to-end solution for satellite networks within the convergent 5G environment as well as 6G. India has tremendous market opportunity of providing ubiquitous connectivity in rural India where nearly 51% are still unconnected to the internet. It will be a game-changer and a major contributor to the space sector growth with a significant contribution to GDP of $185 Bn by 2030.

Theme and Target Audience

The discussions will explore the enormous potential for a wide range of stakeholders and the cooperation needed between them on the way forward.

The Congress includes key panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions to connect private and public sectors evaluating opportunities in the space sector and to get exposure to vibrant and energetic new space programs. It will help in enabling new opportunities in space exploration and mining, SSA [Space Debris Tracking and Management], miniaturized-LEO satellites, reusable launch vehicles, AI, smart propulsion, satellite broadband, satellite IOT and other industries creating massive demand for satellite technologies.

Who Should Participate

  • Govt Departments, Regulators & Policymakers
  • Satellite Operators and Service Providers
  • Broadcasters/DTH Service Providers          
  • Satellite system integrators and Launch vehicles
  • Ground and Terminal equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Software and Application developers
  • Satellite-based IOT/M2M
  • Deep Tech startups, Incubators, Innovation hubs and Space Parks
  • Academic and R&D institutions
  • Standards bodies
  • Law firms
  • Geospatial Segments - East Observation - Remote Sensing
  • User Segments: Agriculture, Aviation & Maritime, O&G, Defence, Railways, Healthcare, Banking and Fintech
  • VSAT Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Defence Security Forces
  • Telecom Service Providers
  • Venture Capital Firms

Thematic Luncheon Meetings:

Luncheon meetings for thematic sessions for Academia, Start-ups, Law Firms, Investors, space associations [Sponsored]

Press and Media interaction:

Dedicated Press and Media Room available for the announcement of the new launch of services and products and facility for one on one media interaction [pre-arranged]

Networking Opportunities:

The networking Tea, Lunch and Dinner to provide an opportunity to meet leaders and industry stalwarts of the satellite space community.


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