The India Space Congress 2024 concluded successfully, with over 850 delegates, 215 unique speakers, and 44 thematic sessions representing 36 nationalities. Country delegations were received from Australia, Switzerland, Finland, and Italy. The Congress witnessed the exchange of 5 MoUs and the release of 5 reports.
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Our Vision

The vision is to bring all the high-level stakeholders together from space agencies, industry and institutions around the world under one roof to swap insights, strategies and rising trends for collaborative development of space ecosystem in India and bringing global and regional economic benefits.

Eminent Speakers


Bridging Boundaries, Transforming Tomorrow

Welcome to ISC 2024 - the pinnacle of exploration, innovation, and collaboration in the realm of space. Our theme, “Space Innovation: Bridging Boundaries, Transforming  Tomorrow,” serves as a compass guiding us through a cosmic odyssey of ideas and opportunities. This premier event is a catalyst for shaping the future of space technology, fostering collaboration, inspiring disruptive business models, driving investments, nurturing startups, and influencing regulatory and policy support.

Join us at ISC 2024 as we transcend boundaries, explore new horizons, and collectively transform tomorrow through the power of space technology innovation. The cosmos awaits, and together, we’ll chart the course for a future that knows no limits.


At ISC 2024, we envision a cosmic hub of innovation and collaboration, shaping the future of space technology. Our goal is to foster breakthroughs, inspire disruptive business models, facilitate seamless investments, empower startups, and influence regulatory landscapes. ISC 2024 is more than an event; it’s a transformative journey into a limitless future of space possibilities

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About the Event

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The capability to carry out end-to-end space missions and the most cost-effective space programs in the world, has earned India a worldwide recognition. Government’s renewed strategy and bold commitments through several policy and regulatory initiatives have led to encouraging space entrepreneurship, investments, and rise in the number of foreign collaborations.

Various smart solutions, IoT/M2M connectivity and new-gen applications will see a tremendous rise in their demand in various segments such as agriculture, defence, O&G, air-terrestrial traffic management, railways, fintech and healthcare al. Modern communication solutions will be powered by future space technologies to enhance productivity and yield with a wider reach to meet the demand. SatCom is set to be a very significant part of end-to-end solution for satellite networks within the convergent 5G and 6G environment.

Verticals like mobility, including ESIMs for Land, aviation& maritime transport, energy and defence, among others are natural satellite markets in addition to emerging IoT and enterprise market. The opportunity is for optimum application of satellite technologies to these vertical and geographic business areas that make up that $1.6 trillion total addressable market worldwide. With more than 1300 Gati-Shakti projects under National Master Plan by 2024, the need for broadband connectivity will become highly critical. National Missions like SMART CITIES, UDAAN (100 Airports scheme), National Health Mission, New Education Policy and PM WANI Wi-FI scheme – all align well with the DIGITAL INDIA mission and need multiple access technologies.

Technological improvements for satellites at GSO and NGSO orbital levels including radio engineering, ground station, payload and launch with better economics enhance the market opportunities for large enterprises, start-ups and companies of all sizes in between. The earth observation opportunities in the vast reach of land and oceans of the nation creates the need not just for payloads, space vehicles and launch services but also for cloud-based data processing capabilities with AI/ML. Exponential rise in orbital deployment of thousands of satellites leads to business opportunities for monitoring, tracking and risk management in case of orbital debris.


ISC 2024 offers impactful panel discussions, engaging workshops, exhibitions, startup pitches, and networking opportunities. Join us to forge connections between the private and public sectors, assess opportunities in the dynamic space sector, and immerse yourself in vibrant new space programs.

Key topics include SpaceTech advancements, entrepreneurship, global impact, challenges and opportunities, regulatory insights, academia collaboration, next-gen infrastructure, legal aspects, geospatial data, national security, environmental monitoring, space tourism, satellite communication, asteroid mining, space debris management, lunar exploration, and artificial intelligence in space technology.

ISC 2023 A Resounding success

Unique Speakers
Countries Participated
Speaking Slots
Govt. Supporting Organisation
Thematic Sessions


Thematic Luncheon Meetings

Luncheon meetings for thematic sessions for Academia, Start-ups, Law Firms, Investors, and Space Associations [Sponsored].

  Networking Opportunities

The networking Tea, Lunch, and Dinner to provide an opportunity to meet leaders and industry stalwarts of the satellite/Space community..

Press and Media interaction

Dedicated Press and Media Room available for the announcement of the new launch of services and products and facility for one on one media interaction [pre-arranged]

              Call for Papers

The Conference invites full-length original research contributions of professionals from Academic Institutions, Government Undertakings, Research Scholars and the Student community across the Nation

   Space Excellence Awards

SIA-India ‘Space Excellence AWARDS’ to celebrate disruptive innovation across the full spectrum of space domains for 2023-24. The entries for ‘SPACE EXCELLENCE AWARDS’ 2023-24 are invited from the space and satellite ecosystem for outstanding achievements in Space and Satellite ecosystem in India.


State-of-the-art technologies and their applications will be demonstrated and explained in the exhibit area. There are limited exhibit booths available that can be made available on a first-come-first-served basis..


   Who Should Participate

  • Govt Departments, Regulators & Policymakers
  • Satellite Operators, Service Providers, and System Integrators
  • Broadcasters, DTH Service Providers, and Ground Equipment Manufacturers
  • Software Developers and Application Developers for Satellite-based IoT/M2M
  • Deep Tech Startups, Incubators, Innovation Hubs, and Space Parks
  • Academic and R&D Institutions, Standards Bodies, and Law Firms
  • Geospatial Segments (Earth Observation, Remote Sensing)
  • User Segments (Agriculture, Aviation & Maritime, O&G, Defence, Railways, Healthcare, Banking, and Fintech)
  • VSAT Manufacturers & Distributors, Defence Security Forces, and Telecom Service Providers
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Aerospace and Aviation Industries
  • Environmental and Climate Monitoring Organizations
  • Sustainable Technology Companies
  • International Space Agencies and Collaborators

Thematic Luncheon Meetings:

Luncheon meetings for thematic sessions for Academia, Start-ups, Law Firms, Investors, Space Associations [Sponsored]

Press and Media interaction:

Dedicated Press and Media Room available for the announcement of the new launch of services and products and facility for one on one media interaction [pre-arranged]

Networking Opportunities:

The networking Tea, Lunch and Dinner to provide an opportunity to meet leaders and industry stalwarts of the satellite/space community.


  • Networking Opportunities Forge connections with a diverse network of space industry professionals, policymakers, peers, and experts during exclusive after-hours Networking Events for valuable connections available only to SIA-India Members.

  • Exclusive Speaking Platforms Enjoy priority speaking slots in conferences and workshops, offering you a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise to a broader audience. This exclusive privilege is reserved for SIA-India Members.

  • Curated Sessions Take control of event content by curating sessions aligned with your industry knowledge, shaping the discussion around key
    topics. This exclusive benefit is tailored for SIA-India Members.

  • Startup Pitching and Mentorship Present your startup ideas during SIA-India events, gain exposure to potential investors and partners, and benefit from mentorship by industry experts. SIA-India Member startups receive top priority for entry.

  • Discounted Entry Fees Access the conference at a discounted rate for additional guests from your member company, saving on registration costs. This exclusive cost-saving opportunity is extended only to SIA-India Members.

  • Innovation Showcases Showcase your products, prototypes, or services as exhibitors to a wider audience, with SIA-India members given the first
    slot for maximum visibility. This exclusive showcase opportunity is a special privilege for SIA-India Members.

  • Access to SIA-India Publications Stay informed with discounted or free access to SIA-India’s publications, whitepapers released during the conference, and post-event conference reports and resources. This exclusive access to valuable resources is a unique benefit for SIA-India Members.


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